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Please feel free to contact our customer service to get personal service!

Register a new return, complaint, transport damage or incorrect delivery?
If you want to register a new case, do so via our form ----> "Return & Complaint"
You enter the order number you received on the order confirmation from us, seven digits long, and the email address you provided at the time of ordering.
Then follow the instructions to complete the registration.

Other matters:
For other cases or ongoing complaints, you can submit a new support ticket. You'll find the funtion up in the right corner:

In order for us to be able to help you further with your case, we ask you to fill in as much information
as possible.

Our customer service is open:
Monday-Friday 8-17 (no holidays)

Right now we have a higher pressure than normal and replies may therefore take some time.
We at Customer Service do our best to be able to help you all as quickly as possible
and hope you can be forgiving for slightly longer response times than you are used to.

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